We're looking for the trash fence...

Neah Bay, WA

Posted on Wed 24 August 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone in Neah Bay's Makah Marina seems to be either a recreational or trade fisherman and as such the Marina and its facilities have that well worn trawler look and smell. ;-)

We're using the Marina for its shore power connection to fully charge, fill and equalize the batteries. Today we'll doing the equalization so we will have most systems offline. There is also no ATT Wireless here, and only place has WiFi which works (Linda's Wood-Fired Pizza), although even it is spotty. This means we're not our normal webFoursquareFacebookTwitter updating selves.

We're looking at the weather and maybe going to head offshore Thursday or this weekend depending on the battery equalization and how the weather looks.

With the HAM Radio we can still update the blog and get weather forecasts. I LOVE the radio!! I've still yet to make to a voice contact, but probably will call in to one of the nets tonight for my first contact.

All is well here and we hope the same is true with you!