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Mild Excitement tonight

Posted on Fri 26 September 2008 in Systems - Composting Toilet

You may recall that I've ben removing all the old plumbing for the head and holding tank. Today I decided I'll pull that last 4' of hose off of the thru-hull wich part of the system that would pump the holding tank over board when at sea. Well it turned out that seacock no longer closed all the way and we had a bit of water coming into the boat. Not that much and not that quickly. I had my wood plugs handy for just such and emergency and pounded one into the 90 degree bend coming off of the seacock. It was dripping a little bit but everything was under control.

I called and they had space in their schedule for me to do a haul-out so I could see if I could pull that 90 degree bend off an put on a proper threaded cap to close the whole thing off permanently. Ideally I would have ben hauled-out fixed it and they could put me back in the water all in under an hour. Well getting that 20 year old fitting of needed a big-ass pipe wrench which I didn't have so we're hanging in the slings tonight in the boat yard. Dawn and I were able to go to Home Depot get the tool we needed and the whole thing took about 20 minutes to fix. Since we were hauled-out we also had the prop zincs replaced (what is electrolyis link for Matty) and we scraped the shaft and prop clean and painted it with a zinc absed ant-fouling paint which reccomended since we had a bit of barnacle build up. The zincs were pretty gone so this was actually a good time to do this. We will be on a 6 month schedule from now on and i'm going to add a fish to our dock side routine as well.

Anyway, a lot of running around a late night doing some unscheduled but needed maintenance. Sometime around 6 months when its time to haul for the next set of zincs well probably go into the yard to work on the rigging and bottom paint.

The good news is everything is for the renaming ceremony tomorrow!