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In the Yard

Posted on Thu 08 September 2011 in Systems - Engine

This morning we motored over to the yard docks so we could start working on removing the engine so they can pull it tomorrow, pull the old tank, make us a new one and then we can put it all back together.

Dawn and I spent the day removing hoses and wires, labeling everything and taking pictures. The idea of helping to remove the engine sounded very daunting to me at first, but now I think its pretty easy. Things have gone well and very few extra surprises yet. All of the bolts on three of the four engine mounts turned very easily. I think the fourth is going to require some special yard magic. The foot at that location is also cracked so a little welding repair will need to be made as well. I’m not really worried about that, this yard is mostly for fishing boats, they seem to do a LOT of welding here.

If we weren’t here then tomorrow would have been our next chance to jump down the coast. It’s looking line the next opportunity won’t be until Tuesday or Wednesday next week so being here isn’t too bad.

I’ll be sure and take pictures of the engine coming out as well as a review of the yard and the people here when it’s all over. I’ll also do a technical write-up on pulling the engine so all you who are going to have to do this yourself someday can get a feel for what’s involved.