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How to pickup a mooring ball in Avalon

Posted on Sun 16 October 2011 in Destinations

First sail three nights, mostly motoring and arrive on diesel vapors.

Second, hail the Avalon Harbormaster. They will meet you out front of the bay in a run about. They will need cash, on the spot!

Then go to the fuel dock by winding your way all over the mooring ball field so you can get a port side tie.

Then come back out and head for your assigned mooring ball. Here were the instructions:

  1. Go over past that large tourist boat turn right and go down till your 5 rows from the shore
  2. Turn right at mooring ball 174
  3. Go down to 182
  4. Grab the stick for the bow line, pull that up and put it on your bow cleat
  5. Walk the line leading astern hand over hand and pull up the stern line and cleat it off

Here’s how it actually goes

  1. Go 5 rows from the shore. Five rows from the shore… how the hell do we count those rows that are blur of mooring balls from the shore… we’re approaching from the ocean… red right re-whatTF
  2. Oh shit a yellow submarine (srsly!!), hard to starboard, quick turn turn right at mooring ball 174, shit, the guy in 174 has his boat sitting so far aft that he’s blocking the fairway, SOB!
  3. Go down the next row and weave between bouys and back up to your row, go down to 182. Its obvious which one it is. 182 is the only ball between two boats, the others are wide open, but you need 182.
  4. Grab the stick for the bow line, oops not close enough… reverse… ah shit we’re sideways.. abort abort!!!
  5. Go around and come back in as you did before and this time grab the stick for the bow line… holy mother of mooring balls this thing weights a friggin’ ton! Run up help Dawn. Just tie whatever line you have in your hand to your bow cleat.
  6. Walk the slimy stinky very slippery hard to pull line leading astern hand over hand and pull with everything you’ve got because now your sideways again and no on is driving. Quick run and back down a little and pivot the stern. Now go back to the bow and heave that line along your starboard rail. Put the damn thing on your jib sheet which and both of you grind that bad boy in.. whew at least we’re straight in the slip almost cleated off and sweaty and stinky.
  7. Now cleat all the lines off correctly
  8. Chat with neighbors who provded moral support while in fear of you smashing into their power yachts.
  9. Shower
  10. Drink Wine
  11. Write Blog Post
  12. Revel in the memories of another no-harm no-fail docking\mooring experience!


This track line from Coastal explorer is seriously just a summary line we were all over the place!