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Headliner is almost complete

Posted on Sun 24 July 2011 in Interior


Pulling the headliner was one of the first things we did after we bought the boat and this weekend we completed installing the new one!!

The process was pretty simple, trace the old 1/8” plywood and vinyl covered panels onto new 3mm (or 4mm when 3mm can’t be found) marine grade plywood. Cut them out, sand, apply 3-4 coats of white satin finish paint. They undoubtedly will be off a bit, so you cut them down a bit more or sand them so they will fit properly and install the trim which we also painted white. Our salon ceiling is now white from drip rail to drip rail which makes the salon feel more open and light. Brining the white down the cabin top is an interior designer trick we heard about from friends and I think it worked out swimmingly!

The only thing left to do is to paint the pieces of 1/4 round and touch up all the spots I messed up as we were installing everything.