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Hauled Out

Posted on Tue 19 July 2011 in Uncategorized

We’ve been on the hard the past couple of days to do some projects that are safer done ashore than in the water. Mostly we were removing the old transducer and installing a new NMEA 2000 one, but in a new location as well. There are some other above the waterline projects we’re doing as well.

The one thing that is a bit of an issue right now is the anti-fouling paint put on the hull in November 2009 (but not launched until Feb 2010) doesn’t seem to be holding very well. The Pettit Ultima SR60 is flaking off in spots. The yard is talking to Pettit about it and I’ve contacted the P.O. to see if he recalls the kinds of bottom paint which have been used. Everyone is stumped at this point and depending on the actual issue fixing it might be a huge pain (and or expensive). We’re considering just touching it up and dealing with it later as well.

If you’ve had any similar experiences I’d love to hear stories or suggestions.

That issue aside, being in the yard isn’t so bad as we’re rocking out the work!