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Friends don’t let friends use Sailblogs

Posted on Tue 04 August 2009 in Geek

There are MANY free blogging services out there (Wordpress, Blogger to name two) that actually ARE blogs, in that they publish the feed of what you put in your blog. SailBlogs does NOT do this unless you pay extra. That is pretty week form a feature perspective and somewhat disingenuous since that is the entire point of a blog. If your blog doesn’t have an RSS feeds, its a web page that you update periodically.

Here’s an example of a post from SailBlogs and one from another site as seen in Google Reader. Here’s the actual post “Anchors Up” that is represented by (continue…) in the SailBlogs feed.

The reason they do this is so you have to click thru and look at the Google ads on their pages, and to keep bandwidth costs down.


At some point I’ll write up about SailBlogs Airmail integration which actually is kind of neat, but I’m not sure its compelling enough to charge for.

Anyway, I get asked about how to run a site similar to mine all the time and SailBlogs comes up so I wanted to put that out there. Come on SailBlogs cough up the feed already!! ;-)