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Day two .. Bring on the to do !

Posted on Sun 04 July 2010 in Projects

When it comes to list it’s important to remember that length doesn’t matter as much as the magnitude of the accomplishment. Here are today’s magnum sized check marks:

  • Porthole installed in the head and shower. This is the first wave the redo on the portholes. We completely pulled down the drip rail and interior paneling, put up new paneling and (done before today) and installed the portholes with an interior teak ring that allows them to fit better. This was a bigger PITA than planned because one of the “matching” teak trim pieces needed about 3 hours of sanding to fit its matching porthole.
  • Lowered the dinghy from the rafters at the workshop, carted it down to the marina, pumped it up and cleaned it. Dawn took it on a test row and look especially cute doing so!
  • Re-installed the swim ladder. Dawn had some ambitious plans to add teak steps to it, but with the plan to eventually install a wind vane on the stern that didn’t make much sense. We did clean it up though and it looks a lot better.
  • Finally finished off the horrible Ballard organics hand soap which left residue on everything and everyone.
  • Rain and poor attitude lead to a two hour rain delay at Ray’s. don’t’ order that blend they’re offering by the glass. It’s nasty; I sent it back. Just order a bottle of the 2007 Sharecropper’s Cabernet \$30 and easy peasey (no offense Susan).
  • Watched at least 8 firework shows from Golden Gardens. What a great way to wrap up another great day!