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Wishing for digital updates? — 3 Comments

  1. FYI, lots of videographers are trading in their gear for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Many TV shows (House) and movies have been shot with these, putting a lot of cameramen out of work! Of course, you might want to settle with a lesser model for "home" use.

  2. I have some Nikon lenses I’ve invested in so I’m sticking with Nikon. But yes Canon also makes good cameras. They don’t have compatibility between their consumer and pro model lenses though.

    And then there are also just as many Canon photographers who are switching to Nikon and lots of stuff is being shot with the D700 (pro version of the D7000 basically).

  3. I have a 5D II and love it. It is a full frame sensor and 21 MP, excellent for low light! It is however a tad slow to focus. As it is full frame it doesn’t have the 1.5 conversion factor of the D7000, good for wide angle, less power for telephoto.

    The comparable Canon is the 7D, with however 18MP. It accepts both consumer and pro lenses, mag body, 1.5 sensor, HD vid, twin processors. It is on my Christmas list.