Dawn & Patrick -

We're looking for the trash fence

For the past year we’ve been on D-Dock and made some awesome friends. But getting our boat in and out of the slip was a bit of challenge at times so we moved to the north side of J-Dock where the fairway is 115’ wide compared to the 74’ on the south side D Dock. That will give us more room to get out of the slip and move around where D-Dock was tight and hard to get enough way on to turn in reverse. See the map of Shilshole Bay Marina to see the fairway widths.

Another nice things is now we’re sooo much closer to shore so trips to the shore side facilities won’t take nearly as long. Downside is that M-4 is not as nice as M-2 and the train is louder. So if you’re reading this and your on JK (we used to be on K) stop by J31 and say hi!