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  1. Skipjack and bonito are different species. Skipjack are from the tuna family, and bonito are from the toothed mackerel family. Skipjack have stripes on their bottom side, and bonito have stripes on their top side. I seem to remember that skipjack are more football shaped. There are a lot of them out there, so you’re likely to encounter them…more so than their bigger yellowfin or bigeye cousins. I don’t know the differences in how they taste cause I’ve never had a bonito, but skipjack are damn good in my book! Not quite as rich as other tunas, but are still a good eating fish.

    We used to catch them with a spinning rod and buzz bombs. Anytime you see plastic or something floating out there, you’re likely to catch these things. The reason is that flotsam creates little micro communities. Flotsam acts as cover for little fish, bigger fish come to eat the little fish, etc. Look for bird balls and flotsam, troll by the flotsam, or stop and cast a buzzbomb. Enjoy!