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Seattle Maritime Academy Electrical and Diesel Courses – Last chance today 11 January 2010

Posted on Mon 11 January 2010 in articles

The Electrical and Diesel classes Dawn and I signed up are starting this week according to the folks at the Seattle Maritime Academy which is part of Seattle Central Community College:

The Electrical course begins tonight (11 January 2010) at 6pm, runs M & W from 6-9 and runs for 8 weeks.  The cost is \$275 + \$25 payable to the instructor. \ The Diesel starts tomorrow:  runs T & TH from 6:30-9:30 for 11 weeks.  The cost is \$300.

If you are interested in one or both, you MUST be at the office at 5:30pm tonight to register/pay.

I took the electrical class and both Dawn and I took the Diesel class. The Diesel teacher is a bit of an ass and a grump, but he knows a ton about diesels and we both learned a lot. We had no more knowledge engines than how to change the oil going in and we able to get an engine running and we also did a complete teardown on a dead engine which was great because it completely demystified our engine. I recommend both classes. As far as this being your last chance… if they have seats, I’m sure they will let you in. They need the money! ;-)

Here are the course descriptions:

BASIC ELECTRICITY FOR SMALL BOATS AND RECREATIONAL BOATERS - 7251 CSS 122 1A\ MW 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.\ An electrical class designed for the recreational boater and for the small boat owner. A class that will take the mystery out of how electrical systems work. Topics to be covered will include batteries, alternators, solar and wind generators and related charging systems. Small A/C generator and power inverter systems will be investigated. Methods for determining load requirements, wire sizing and wiring techniques will be discussed. Electrical system troubleshooting, meter reading and hands-on training will be offered to the small boat owner or operation in a six week course. Course requires a minimum of 10 students.

MARINE DIESEL ENGINE MAINTENANCE & OPERATION FOR BOATERS - 7306 CSS 122 3D\ TTh 6-8 pm\ A course in marine diesel engines that includes theory, operation, troubleshooting and repair. The student will learn fundamental operating procedures for marine diesel engines. Instructional format combines classroom lectures with applied training in diesel engine labs. For the small boat owner. Course requires a minimum of 15 students.