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Liferaft Comparison — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Two things –

    Try the number at http://www.plastimousa.com/overstock.htm for leads on cheaper rafts. The number may be good even if the page is out of date.

    I have been told canister is a better idea than valise – trying to drag a bulky valise upstairs from inside during a crisis can be a problem – better to have it easily accessible on deck, but suit yourself.



  2. Thanks for the link Allan, as for the valise vs. canister. Valise stored in the cockpit lazarette, (on topa) to me is the better route for the following reasons:
    1) Cheaper
    2) Lighter – You have to throw that thing in the water. Your hydrostatic release only works when the boat is already underwater and gone. When it does release it has to clear all of your rigging given that I have a ketch, not likely.
    3) Protected from weather
    4) Protected from theft

    For all those reasons we’re going to go with the valise in the lazarette stored int he lazaretter in such a manner that is always on top, or the side and can be pulled right out.