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Let the Refit Begin — 3 Comments

  1. Big project – I added a Garhauer traveler to SV Navasava main this spring thier and all new blocks to the system I cant say enough good about this unit. Also upgraded the genoa cars with garhauer. Yes they did give me a bulk order discount.
    I am looking at re-vamping my aft pulpit rails and trying to determine if I want dingy davits or a wind steering system. in my design considerations I have thought about adding a traveler for the mizzen if I go with the davits – i belive there can be an increase in performance if I get the mizzen boom flatter on broad / beam reach – though it may be very minor for the investment.
    I too am pulling the stick this winter and will re-wire the mast. Hve been running w/o wind instruments for years and dont seem to miss them.
    Are you going to move to only LED masthead nav lights or are you keeping deck level too?

  2. Thanks for the Garhauer reccomendation, I hear nothing but good things from them.

    I won’t be removing the lights in the hull, but I will limit my use of them to when I’m running the motor.

  3. I read that the crazing isn’t an issue, but I can tell you that ours won’t polish out and that I also read that you have to dremel each crack a bit, then fill them in and paint them. ugh. I wouldn’t bother.

    I didn’t see a preventer on the list. Do you have one? Because you will want one.

    Ask Hello World what it’s like to have your mast wires flogging themselves to death inside the mast…