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Land Yacht — 4 Comments

  1. Will this RV be on the playa looking for the trash fence next month? 🙂

    My husband and I are burners/sailors from Seattle and we have been loving your blog! 🙂


    • Sorry, no plans to make it BurningMan this year. Can’t imagine anything that’d do more ruin it. 😉

      I keep thinking the Seattle Sailor\Burner crowd need to throw a sail-in burner event some place.

      So glad you love the blog, do keep in touch!

  2. Seattle Sailor/burner event sounds awesome!

    We took my Moms RV to the playa last year and after an entire day of cleaning it upon returning, you would have never known it had just spent 11 days on the playa. Ok, for thats not totally true, but it is mostly true. 😉

  3. Hey you two…coool land yacht!! When do you plan on coming back down to the “sea”? Are you gonna stay on the main land, or come over to the baja side? safe travels!!

    Tom & Jeanne