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DIY Wi-Fi System — 3 Comments

  1. Dawn,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this posting, as for a very non-tech person like me, it is somewhat helpful.

    But, you didn’t mention three things:

    (1) Where are you located, geographically, and using this?

    (2) How is it working? And,

    (3) What was the total, estimated (ballpark) cost of all materials for your installation?

    I’m about to head off to the Florida Keys for three months, and sure would like to have access to WiFi without having to go to shore every time.

    Anything you can add will be very helpful.


    • 1) We’ve use thisin the US and Mexico extensively. Both in the Marina and at Anchor. Works great!
      2) AWESOME !!
      3) I think you shouldbe able to do this for <$250 USD

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