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America’s Cup 34


America's Cup 34

Dawn and I were at home in Honolulu watching the America’s Cup on YouTube on the day they tied the race up forcing a final deciding race. We booked a last minute flight to San Francisco to watch the race and were not disappointed! Team USA Oracle won the race, retaining the cup in one of the most exciting come from behind wins in sporting history.

The event was excellently staged and watching from the shoreline with the TV monitors and live audio coverage was perfect! These boats are going so fast it is amazing. In our America’s Cup Flickr set there are couple of videos that give you sense of how fast they really are. After the race we walked down to Pier 39 to see the trophy ceremony. You can see how close we able to get to the cup!

To top it all off, we just happen to also have friends from Seattle in town in SF at the same time! So, we had a mini reunion with great friends which wasn’t even planned! Yay Universe!

Great weekend. Great Race. Great Friends.

  • Super Bowl – Check
  • America’s Cup – Check
  • Pipeline Masters is looking like the next epic sporting event to check out!!

So much to learn…. so many tools to buy…

One of the things about making this decision to go cruising is all the cool stuff you get to learn.

Tonight was the last of our Marine Diesel class at the Seattle Maritime Academy. The class was 11 weeks long (roughly) and was about 1/2 rambling lecture and 1/2 hands-on completely unguided lab work. The class could have been much better run and organized but in general coming out of it I feel like I know a lot more about Diesels to the point of being knowledgeable enough to do some of my own work, to have an informed conversation with a mechanic and to have a sound basis for doing research to figure out how to do things I can’t do right now. I’d give the class a C+. I’ was going to go lower, but I think the fact they actually have smaller diesels (like we have) was worth the C+. So it was passing, it accomplished the goals, but it also had a lot of wasted time. Judging by the amount of people who dropped out and frequently didn’t show up; I think many might score it lower.

One of the big outcomes of that (and of the Brion Toss Rigging workshop) is that I put together a big tool order tonight and will stopping in to get some Craftsman toys tomorrow. I like Craftsman tools, I’ve never broken one yet, they are reasonably priced and if I did break one they’d replace it! Did you know on you can order things and pick them up in the store? Very handy and saves shipping since I wouldn’t have been saving sales tax. I’ll post some list of things and pics of things when I do a full tool inventory.

Next on the course of learning is the Mahina Offshore Cruising Seminar 4 April 2009 in SeaTac, WA. I have good things about this seminar, I’ll let you check out the site yourself and I’ll post more when we’re back.

We stumbled on to the upcoming Mahina seminar because we’re also going to the Strictly Sail Pacific show in Oakland, CA 17-19 April 2009. I didn’t want to invest a whole day in SF on the one class so taking it here in Seattle is ideal! We’re very stoked (they say that in CA right?) to be going to the Strictly Sail show as we’re going to also use the time as a little mini-vacation as well. I’ll post more about that when we’re down there or when we’re back.