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Back in Muertos! — 4 Comments

  1. I am a huge fan of turning around when it’s not comfortable out there. We turned back around to Muertos too and were rewarded with fair weather and following seas the next day. Besides, what’s the rush?

  2. Hi Deep Playa! I didn’t know that your plans were to head south to Mazatlan so quickly. Somehow I thought there would be weeks and weeks of overlap time when I finally arrived in the La Paz area. I’m sorry our paths haven’t crossed yet, but look forward to the crossing somewhere down the line. Keep the blog going and safe travels!

    PS. My favorite picture from the ones I’ve seen from cruisers posting blogs this season has to be the one of Dawn when you caught that first dorado. Big smile, big fish! I still haven’t started fishing – on my passages so far I’m busy enough at the moment running the boat!

  3. hey you two….good on ya for turning around if you are not comfortable. This little adventure we are on is all about having fun…and nasty seas are not in that catagorey!!

    looking forward to catching up with you both on the mainland after the holidays!!