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Spectra Capehorn Extreme Mounting Location

Posted on Wed 18 May 2011 in Systems - Plumbing, Systems - Watermaker

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Capehorn Spectra Extreme Mounting Location"]Capehorn Spectra Extreme Mounting

Last night after about 2.5 hours in the sewer I finished mounting the Spectra Capehorn Extreme membrane and clark pump unit. The unit is mounted on a piece of 3/4" marine grade plywood with 1 …

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Spectra Capehorn Extreme Unboxing Video

Posted on Thu 05 May 2011 in Systems - Plumbing, Systems - Watermaker

Around the time of the Seattle Boat Show I announced we purchased a Spectra Capehorn Extreme. Since I had just broken my clavicle though, we delayed delivery for several months. Now it’s here and you can watch the unboxing video in all it’s glory!

I’m actually cruising …

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