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Chainplates : Before and After

Posted on Tue 31 May 2011 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

Here’s a series of shots of polishing and installing our chainplates. We polished them by hand starting by cleaning them with water and a scouring pad, then sanding them with progressively higher grained papers. The first go was with 100 grit and we ended up at 1200 grit. Mounting …

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Relocate, Rebuild and Rebed the Mainsheet winch

Posted on Thu 09 December 2010 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

New winch

In it’s original, more outboard location, a handle in the mainsheet winch could only be rotated about 1/2 way round because it hit the dodger. to grind in the sheet you had to saw back and forth on the handle. I like to get up on the winch …

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Installing Rebedding Chainplates

Posted on Tue 25 May 2010 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

DSC_7136\ Before\

  • The chainplates were previously pulled and cleaned up with a Scrotchbrite pad and water.
  • They were then polished by sanding with progressively finer grades of sand paper starting at 120 grit and going up to 1200 grit.
  • DSC00328 DSC00324 DSC00323\ Plates were then dry fitted and marked with tape so we knew …

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Chainplate Installation

Posted on Mon 10 May 2010 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

 This is our chainplate. There are many like it, but this one is

“This is our chainplate. There are many like it, but this one is ours.”

Dawn worked on the chainplates this weekend and here’s proof of progress. For our friends and family who don’t have boats, the chainplates bolt to the boat below decks and are the mechanical connection …

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Running Rigging – How much line do you need?

Posted on Mon 19 April 2010 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

I just spent a good amount time tonight going over my spreadsheet for the running rigging. This sheet includes every line on the boat both ones I need to replace immediately before the masts go back up (topping lifts, running back, etc) and lines that I can wait to do …

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The Refit begins !

Posted on Fri 13 November 2009 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

If you follow @DeepPlaya on twitter you know a lot of this stuff, but for those of you who only read the blog here’s the full scoop.

Wednesday afternoon we moved Deep Playa over to A dock where <The Yard> uses the fixed mount haul out cranes (you could …

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