Dawn & Patrick -

We're looking for the trash fence

Tuesday the selling broker broker brought the boat down to Bellingham so we could do the haul-out and complete the survey. The haul out was pretty amazing, my broker and I rode in boat while they lifted us about 30 feet above the water. I expected to hear a lot creaking and moaning but heard absolutely none. The survey went well and didn't yield any major surprises. After the haul out my Broker and I took the boat back to Blaine. We had an ebb the entire time but we were still pushing her pretty hard in order to beat the sunset. The engine ran solid the entire time, no overheating (yeah!) and I managed to figure out the autopilot as well which will be very handy.

Given that the survey went well, we're moving forward with the title search work and the rest of the documentation including USCG and WA State Registration and as part of that we'll be renaming her to Deep Playa. I've not written "the check" yet so we don't officially own the boat yet. I'm guessing by next week everything will be sorted out and we'll be proud owners of Deep Playa a 1981 Pearson 424 Hull # 152.

And so a new chapter in life begins....