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Help Needed – Icom M710 Remote Control Cable — 10 Comments

    • OK, I disconnected #8 on the Remote side from the clip and taped it off. The SW that works via the clone port still doesn’t work via the REMOTE. I rebooted and stuff in between just to be safe… this is making me feel like something is wrong with the remote port. I wish I knew how to connect to that remort port with PUTTY or another terminal applicaton so I could elminate more variables (i.e. the software). Just connecting to COM2 doesn’t yield anything at all.

      • Show us a picture of the backside of the m710 and indicate which connector you are using. Also take a good close up of any intact factory labels.

          • I think that is a picture of the front side of the main unit of an Icom M710RT. Around the back side of this main unit is where you will find the NMEA db9 connector. It is important to note what hardware version you have. General, Marine or gmdss to make sure you are plugging into the correct connector. I assume you are trying to utilize HRI’s Cat controls including CAT Tx and combine modulation and AF on one cable.

          • Tom this is exactly what I needed. Someone to challenge all my assumptions.

            This radio was already installed in my boat when I bought it. The Face place
            says M710, but you are correct, crawling in the locker the main body does say
            Model: M710RT on it!

            The M710RT manual shows the front side RS-232C connector being used to connect
            to a PC. I’m not sure how that works because it doesn’t work with any software I
            can find. This is the port I had been using.

            On the backside of the main body there is another DB9 connector and this is
            where my pactor is connected. I disconnected that, and connected the cable I
            made and now HRI can control the radio. The Speaker and Dimmer do not work, but
            the Transmit but does which did not work via the clone port (the 1/8″ jack).

            I was hoping I could use the PC or the Pactor without re-cabling each time. I
            guess I’ll need an A/B DB9 selector switch to make the happen.

            I’m still dumb founded as to how that other RS-232C port is for PC control, as
            shown in the M710RT manual. They did at one time sell a proprietary SW for the
            rig, must be what it was for.

            Thanks a lot Tom you were a huge help!

  1. Hi sorry to trouble you i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to download the software you use to control the m710rt via pc and also recommendations as far as cable connections are concerned.
    thank you very much
    kind regards

    • Pretty sure I replied to you in email already. But all the softare for the M710 is in the Icom M710 Yahoo Group I started. The group is ver low volume but full of folks who can and will help you out. As for the cable. I mad emy own and that is outlined here on the site. You can ask about buying a premade cable in the group.

  2. Control cable for Icom IC M710.
    Can I use a “null modem” (9 pin female-female RS-232) ready made cable.?

    • Sorry I’m so long in replying. No. Its a custom cable. You can buy one online. I didn’t have that option when we were living in Mexico. We could though find the cable at Sterns in Mexico (equivalent of Radio Shack).