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Conclusion – DIY Icom M710 Remote Control Cable — 7 Comments

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  4. Patrick, I can’t get my M710 to communicate with your trial version program or the old program control panel. I made up the cable as you posted and followed all instructions to the “T”. Please help!

    One other thing you should know is that the program did run under Windows XP before. Now I have Vista. Could this be the culprit with both programs as well?

  5. Dear W7pea,
    I use my Icom M710 on my sailboat in connection with my SCS PTC llpro , for reveiving Winlink.
    On the back of the M710 there is a clone connection, on the back of the PTC to.
    I can’t set the frequency with my computer.
    Do you have a solution please?
    Best regards.