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Thinking of Dive Hookahs

Posted on Fri 08 June 2012 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Tools

I want to build a 12VDC Hookah which will support two divers while cleaning the bottom of our boat (6 feet). We don’t have room to store one of the floating motorized version, but we have plenty of room to mount one inside the boat.

Here are the basic …

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Today’s Miracle–Threaded Inserts

Posted on Sun 13 March 2011 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Tools

I have been looking for  way to attach the teak hatch to the bow bulkhead that allows access to the new chain locker. Previously this area was just an empty storage area and the hatch was held in place poorly and frequently popped out. With the new chain locker and …

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Sailrite LSZ-1 Sewing Machine

Posted on Thu 11 November 2010 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Tools, Web Stuff

I’m in the market for an LSZ-1 if you’re selling one contact me! I was looking at an older unit on online and contact Matt at Sailrite who sent me this great video about the difference between the version 1 and 2 of their machines. Also, here’s …

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Dremel Tools are Good !

Posted on Tue 29 June 2010 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Tools


Both sides of this used to look like the right side. A little stainless steel wire brush action with the Dremel and we're approaching nautical beauty. Do you own a boat? Go buy a Dremel tool !

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