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Next set of things in the refit

Posted on Thu 19 November 2009 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Systems - Engine, Systems - Hull, Systems - Plumbing

The boat has been moved form sitting in the yard where the bottom was prepped and painted, some keel damaged was repaired (oopsy), the v-berth was prepped by me, and the windlass was removed. The boat is now sitting inside the prep tent. I’ve not been to it yet …

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Let the Refit Begin

Posted on Mon 14 September 2009 in articles • Tagged with Interior, Pearson 424, Projects, Deep Playa, Systems - Hull, Systems - Rigging, Systems - Sails

I’ve been working on a document describing the refit we plan to do on Deep Playa. I thought it would be good to share it with all of you and see if anyone has feedback but also so others might benefit from seeing what I’m doing.

Here’s …

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Flu Impacts Productivity

Posted on Fri 06 March 2009 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Systems - Composting Toilet, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Hull, Systems - Plumbing

Two weeks ago I took off work on Friday to work on a bunch of projects one of which included using epoxy and I wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather and have an extra day to get things done. That Friday went pretty well and I worked on …

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Replacing the tabbing

Posted on Thu 28 August 2008 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Systems - Hull

One of the things we knew we had to do going into this was to repair some of the tabbing holding up the shelves in the v-berth and one of the settees in the salon. I was a little nervous having never done this myself, but the reality is that …

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