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Thinking of Dive Hookahs

Posted on Fri 08 June 2012 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Tools

I want to build a 12VDC Hookah which will support two divers while cleaning the bottom of our boat (6 feet). We don’t have room to store one of the floating motorized version, but we have plenty of room to mount one inside the boat.

Here are the basic …

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Trying to wrap things up

Posted on Mon 19 September 2011 in articles • Tagged with Fuel, Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Engine

We're still in Charleston. Still trying to get all systems back online. The main part of the project removing the engine and putting in a new fuel tank are completed. Friday we along with Kyle from Tarheel Aluminum Fabrication lowered the engine back through the companion and set it on …

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Still not done

Posted on Fri 19 August 2011 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Electronics

When we were still on the dock at Shilshole we'd get asked all the time "when you going to be done?" And I'd always say, "never!" Well, in that spirit you should know that we're not done yet!

Today I worked on adding six new switches to control some functions …

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Chainplates : Before and After

Posted on Tue 31 May 2011 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Systems - Rigging

Here’s a series of shots of polishing and installing our chainplates. We polished them by hand starting by cleaning them with water and a scouring pad, then sanding them with progressively higher grained papers. The first go was with 100 grit and we ended up at 1200 grit. Mounting …

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New Nav Station Bench and Desk Completed

Posted on Sat 16 April 2011 in articles • Tagged with Interior, Nav Station, Projects

New Nav Station Bench and Desk

I am very pleased to show off the new nav station bench and and desk. This replaces the cooler and board I’ve been using for years. You can see more pics of the pieces coming together on flickr.

The 1/2” cabinet grade teak has all been finished with …

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Today’s Miracle–Threaded Inserts

Posted on Sun 13 March 2011 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Tools

I have been looking for  way to attach the teak hatch to the bow bulkhead that allows access to the new chain locker. Previously this area was just an empty storage area and the hatch was held in place poorly and frequently popped out. With the new chain locker and …

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Progress on the v-berth

Posted on Mon 07 February 2011 in articles • Tagged with Interior, Projects, Systems - Hull

While my clavicle has been healing Dawn has been busy as monkey working to convert the shelves along the port and starboard sides of the v-berth into cabinets. Along with that she's also been working on turning that v-berth seat that a lot of boats have into a cabinet as …

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We did a lot this holiday season

Posted on Mon 03 January 2011 in articles • Tagged with Projects

We make lists and we check them thrice and then we check them thrice more and then we check ‘em off and drink! You can expect more to come on most of these, I just wanted to make a big list and check it thrice!  ;-)

  • Finished lining the foot locker …

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New Chain Locker and Windlass Relocation Complete

Posted on Thu 30 December 2010 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Systems - Ground Tackle

Before After
Foredeck Before
Main Berth Before

Tonight we marked the chain and loaded it into our new chain locker with the windlass. This project has been over a year in the making since it was November 2009 when we removed the windlass from it’s original location and closed up the holes in the …

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Relocate, Rebuild and Rebed the Mainsheet winch

Posted on Thu 09 December 2010 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Systems - Rigging

New winch layout

Backing plates

In it’s original, more outboard location, a handle in the mainsheet winch could only be rotated about 1/2 way round because it hit the dodger. to grind in the sheet you had to saw back and forth on the handle. I like to get up on the winch …

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