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New Portlights

Posted on Mon 22 February 2010 in articles • Tagged with Destinations - Port Townsend, Interior, Projects, Systems - Hull, Portholes

When we bought our Pearson 424, we knew right off the bat we had to replace the portlights and the teak eyebrow trim along the outsides of the cabin top. The existing portlights were old and leaked causing the interior teak veneer to delaminate, no structural issues. The plastic windows …

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Weekend Update

Posted on Mon 23 November 2009 in articles • Tagged with Portholes

We got a lot done but not as much as we wanted.


Dawn pulled out the two starboard side 5x12 plastic (cringe) Beckson portholes and cut out a big section of completely dry rotted teak around each porthole. I then resized the openings to fit the new portholes. It …

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