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Pearson 424 Hull #152's New Owners Natasha and Owen

Posted on Fri 29 March 2013 in articles • Tagged with For Sale, Pearson 424

Natasha and Owen

Natasha and Own are the new owners of Pearson 424 Hull #152, now christened as sv Wine-O Rhino.

Fair winds and Following Seas to both of you and your new boat!

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Our Life in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Posted on Sat 03 March 2012 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Living Aboard, Pearson 424, Deep Playa, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico

I must apologize for ignoring our blog lately.  Life in Mexico is rewarding, relaxing and wonderful, but it also has its challenges.  One of those challenges includes finding good reliable Wi-Fi access to upload our pictures and blog posts.  So we spend a lot of time moving from café to …

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Mainland Mexico!

Posted on Sat 14 January 2012 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Living Aboard, Pearson 424, Deep Playa, dancing horses, Los Osuna Tequila, Mazatlan, Old Mazatlan, Puerta de Canoas

Having landed safely in Mazatlan, we headed to Marina El Cid to meet Patrick’s parents for the holidays.  We had arranged to have his parents stay in Marina El Cid Hotel while we acquired a slip in the marina, which worked out very well indeed.  El Cid Resorts are …

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Finally Leaving the Grips of La Paz

Posted on Tue 03 January 2012 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Fishing, Pearson 424, Weather, Deep Playa, Mazatlan, Mexico, Skipjack Tuna

While we understood why many cruisers claim that La Paz is where cruisers come and they never leave.  We had plans to meet up with Patrick’s parents in Mazatlan for Christmas holiday week so we weighed anchor and headed back down the coast to return to Ensenada de los …

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Fishing For Cruisers - How we do it

Posted on Mon 07 November 2011 in articles • Tagged with Baja Ha-Ha XVIII, Fishing, For Sale, Pearson 424

I love to do me some research and as I was figuring out what to do about our fishing setup, I read The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing by Scott and Wendy Bannerot. I even had a couple of one on one email exchanges with Scott about our setup. Some of …

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New Found Metals, Port Townsend, WA

Posted on Tue 16 August 2011 in articles • Tagged with Buying Guide, Pearson 424

We spent today hanging around Port Townsend and waiting to meet up New Found Metals (NFM) to get a new gasket for one of our portholes.

Richard (the owner) was gracious enough to come down to the boat and meet us personally to help replace one of the gaskets which …

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Installing Ash Battens

Posted on Wed 29 December 2010 in articles • Tagged with Interior, Pearson 424

After purchasing Deep Playa, the first project Patrick and I completed was to tear out all the old vinyl foam that lined the entire hull of the boat. After this was complete we prepped the hull and, in some areas, we painted and installed insulation to cover interior spaces and …

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It’s like a brand new ice box

Posted on Thu 11 February 2010 in articles • Tagged with Pearson 424, Systems - Galley




I knew the previous owner had reduced the size of the ice box, many cruisers do that. He did this by adding several layers of 2” foam insulation and then starboard on top of that. There was also a huge void in the bottom of the refrigerator that had …

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Splashdown !

Posted on Thu 11 February 2010 in articles • Tagged with Pearson 424, Projects

Tuesday evening we put Deep Playa back in the water sans rig!! She only spurted a little while I tightened up the stuffing box, which is to be expected since you don’t want to tighten it “too much” and you can’t tell if it’s “too loose” until …

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Let the Refit Begin

Posted on Mon 14 September 2009 in articles • Tagged with Interior, Pearson 424, Projects, Deep Playa, Systems - Hull, Systems - Rigging, Systems - Sails

I’ve been working on a document describing the refit we plan to do on Deep Playa. I thought it would be good to share it with all of you and see if anyone has feedback but also so others might benefit from seeing what I’m doing.

Here’s …

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