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2010 Latitude 48 Fisheries Swap Meet

Posted on Fri 09 April 2010 in articles • Tagged with Gear

We're not going to make the swap meet tomorrow. I'm feeling too overwhelmed with project work. If you are interested in any of the items I was planning to sell. Contact me through the blog.

  • Large Teak salon table (from a Pearson 424) - \$250
  • 6 5x12 Beckson Plastic portlights - \$40 …

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Armchair Sailor Book Sale and Trade-In Special

Posted on Wed 31 March 2010 in articles • Tagged with Gear, Navigation, Review


Armchair Sailor is offering trade-ins and discounts on books. They’re a great local company here in Seattle and super nice people. (Hi Cass!) Go spend your money with them!

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