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New Portlights

Posted on Mon 22 February 2010 in articles • Tagged with Destinations - Port Townsend, Interior, Projects, Systems - Hull, Portholes

When we bought our Pearson 424, we knew right off the bat we had to replace the portlights and the teak eyebrow trim along the outsides of the cabin top. The existing portlights were old and leaked causing the interior teak veneer to delaminate, no structural issues. The plastic windows …

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Additional Baby Steps

Posted on Fri 22 January 2010 in articles • Tagged with Destinations - Port Townsend, Projects, Systems - Rigging

Dawn and I went to Port Townsend, WA last weekend. We unfortunately did not sail instead we took the land dinghy (Subaru Forester) and all of our standing rigging and chain plates to Port Townsend Rigging to have it inspected and plan for its replacement. Port Townsend Rigging comes highly …

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And We Fell Off the Proverbial Horse!

Posted on Sun 09 August 2009 in articles • Tagged with Destinations - Port Townsend, Destinations - Puget Sound, Destinations - San Juan Islands, Insurance, Navigation, Deep Playa

This post was written by Dawn, edited by Patrick

Everyone has heard it before…if you have ever purchased something that moves fast or could potentially be dangerous. You always receive the standard advice from just about everyone, “Just be prepared when [insert bad thing] happens, because it’s not …

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Brion Toss Rigging Workshop

Posted on Sat 18 October 2008 in articles • Tagged with Classes and Workshops, Destinations - Port Townsend, Systems - Rigging


I am in Port Townsend this weekend attending the Brion Toss Rigging Workshop. At the end of day one, its been very worthwhile thus far.

The basic flow of the class thus far has been to walk through the systems of a rig, explain what they are, how to think …

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