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What's Next?

Posted on Sun 18 November 2012 in articles • Tagged with Living Aboard, Oceans, Deep Playa, Shutting Down Land LIfe

After our successful fall navigation of the west coast of the United States, winter and spring cruise of Mexico, and summer Land Yacht tour of the United States we've decided we're ready and excited to re-engage in our careers. We own nothing but Deep Playa, her contents and a couple …

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Our Life in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Posted on Sat 03 March 2012 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Living Aboard, Pearson 424, Deep Playa, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico

I must apologize for ignoring our blog lately.  Life in Mexico is rewarding, relaxing and wonderful, but it also has its challenges.  One of those challenges includes finding good reliable Wi-Fi access to upload our pictures and blog posts.  So we spend a lot of time moving from café to …

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Mainland Mexico!

Posted on Sat 14 January 2012 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Living Aboard, Pearson 424, Deep Playa, dancing horses, Los Osuna Tequila, Mazatlan, Old Mazatlan, Puerta de Canoas

Having landed safely in Mazatlan, we headed to Marina El Cid to meet Patrick’s parents for the holidays.  We had arranged to have his parents stay in Marina El Cid Hotel while we acquired a slip in the marina, which worked out very well indeed.  El Cid Resorts are …

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Finally Leaving the Grips of La Paz

Posted on Tue 03 January 2012 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Fishing, Pearson 424, Weather, Deep Playa, Mazatlan, Mexico, Skipjack Tuna

While we understood why many cruisers claim that La Paz is where cruisers come and they never leave.  We had plans to meet up with Patrick’s parents in Mazatlan for Christmas holiday week so we weighed anchor and headed back down the coast to return to Ensenada de los …

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Life in La Paz, Mexico

Posted on Thu 22 December 2011 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Living Aboard, Deep Playa, Club Cruceros, La Paz, Sea of Cortez, The Shack

Deep Playa has been in La Paz for nearly a month now so I wanted to write a blog post about our experience of “living” at anchor in Bahia de La Paz.  So far this is the longest extended stay in one anchorage since leaving Seattle (with the exception of …

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Bahia los Frailes

Posted on Thu 01 December 2011 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Bahia los Frailes, Cabo los Frailes, Deep Playa

Our next stop on our way to La Paz was Bahia los Frailes which is not too far from the Tropic of Cancer at 23° 27’ N.  The trip north was well planned (actually it was more luck) because we had an amazingly speedy motor sail with south winds and …

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Where are you going after Cabo?

Posted on Wed 30 November 2011 in articles • Tagged with Destinations, Deep Playa, Baja Ha Ha, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo, Sirena Del Mar

That was a question all cruisers were asking each other after the completion of the Baja Ha Ha XVIII in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Cabo San Lucas is located on the most southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in the state of Baja Sur (South in Spanish)  It is affectionately …

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The Boat Graveyard

Posted on Tue 06 September 2011 in articles • Tagged with Living Aboard, Deep Playa

Today Pea and I took a little walk through a boatyard (I will not note the name the boatyard in this post).  I love to walk through boatyards and look at the many different boats and appreciate the work being done by the owners.  I find each and every boat …

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Setbacks and Problems

Posted on Mon 05 April 2010 in articles • Tagged with Projects, Deep Playa, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Electronics, Systems - Hull

This week was full of unexpected issues and problems and very little movement forward on projects.

It started out when we noticed the some leaking with our newly installed portlights, which is fine really, a bit of tweaking was expected. However the leak got into the new wood (which was …

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Let the Refit Begin

Posted on Mon 14 September 2009 in articles • Tagged with Interior, Pearson 424, Projects, Deep Playa, Systems - Hull, Systems - Rigging, Systems - Sails

I’ve been working on a document describing the refit we plan to do on Deep Playa. I thought it would be good to share it with all of you and see if anyone has feedback but also so others might benefit from seeing what I’m doing.

Here’s …

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