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Our Life in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle — 5 Comments

    • Its Sunday and we have yet to drink rum with you. What’s up with that? 😉
      By the way have you notice how ROLLY it is in Mexico?

  1. Have you guys been out to the Marianas islands yet…way cool place and if the weather is right, I think there is a place to anchor overnight. That is where Philthy, CB, me and Danno took the epic diving adventure. Tawn

    • I think you mean the Marietas Islands. My understanding is they have re-opened the prison there and are using it for drug offenders so the whole island chain is off limits to pleasure craft. I’m not even sure if you can take a charter there any more. ;-/

  2. We went past to anchor and hailed, but you guys were below i guess.
    We headed into the market(closes early) and then had to head back out.
    Will have to try again another time