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New Nav Station Bench and Desk Completed — 4 Comments

  1. I really like those bench seats with their storage, much better than the swivel chair we have now. Did you write this up before, I’ll go look, wondering about access to the wet locker, which Don turned into a electro locker on FFT

    • I’ve already hidden away soo much stuff in there I’m not sure how we lived without it. This is the first write up. let me know if you need anymore specifics.

      There’s no way you could use the aft locker on DP for wet stuff, WAY too many wires in there for that along with the SSB, PC, Wireless, etc… nope it’s a server room really. 😉 Access to the locker will be very easy though, the desk pops right out and the door opens up with the monitor attached. Also, in the picture you see a laptop (sans monitor) and a little monitor. Those won’t be there, just a USB keyboard and mouse (or maybe a touch pad). The PC will be in that aft locker. It gets here next week, more to come on that!!

  2. Looks like a quite elegant installation! I use a mac mini at the nav station and use windows 7 on it for the nav programs. I am checking out the led monitor – 12 volts??? I have been looking around for something less power hungry! Thanks for the link to my site, I also have a link to yours! –TIM

    • Yes it is 12volts by that I mean the AC DC adapter outputs 12volts. So, it’s not wide input 12volts, ideally you’d have a DC regulator in front of it, but I’m going to try it without and see how it goes.