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New Headlights

Posted on Thu 21 November 2019 in articles

New Headlights

Jeep Renegades owners love to complain about the dim and yellowish color of the OEM headlights. We're one of those owners. The lights just aren't birhgt and crisp enough. There are many possible upgrades costing many hundreds ($400-$1000) but we're also more frugal so I decided to try the PIAA Xtreme White Plus 4000K H13 PN#19618 for around $60 on Amazon.

PIAA Extreme WhitePlus H13 Bulbs

It is worth mentioning that in all the photos my headlights are actually quite dirty. So in reality the lights are a bit brighter. I just did't think about it till after I had replaced the bulbs so I left them as-is to keep the test fair.


Stock Bulbs #1

Stock Bulbs #2

Stock Bulbs #3


PIAA Bulbs #1

PIAA Bulbs #2

PIAA Bulbs #3