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USCG District 13 Rescue of sailboat at Lopez Island

Posted on Fri 25 March 2011 in USCG, Video

Incredible video of the USCG rescuing a vessel aground and against the rocks on Lopez Island, WA.

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Solar Panels on Peregrina

Posted on Thu 24 March 2011 in Suggestions & Ideas

An excellent write-up and photographs of the solar panels and mounting system on s/v Peregrina reminds me that at some point, I need to give our system a thorough once-over.

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12V DC Ship’s Computer by Aleutia

Posted on Thu 17 March 2011 in Buying Guide, Gear, Geek, Navigation, NMEA 2000, Systems - Electronics

I just ordered the PC which will become the heart of our navigation systems--the Aleutia P1 Marine PC (@Aleutia).

I have probably spent 4 the equivalent of four full days mostly late at night looking into fanless PCs that either designed to be run on 12V DC power or happen …

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Contact Us Fixed

Posted on Tue 15 March 2011 in Site Changes, Web Stuff

I got a note this week saying that the contact us page was broken. Yep, I broket it. It's fixed now. Feel free to Contact Us. We'd love to hear from you!

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Puget Sound Sails

Posted on Tue 15 March 2011 in Buying Guide, Systems - Sails

A week ago I met with Jim from Puget Sound Sails to checkout the loft, take a look at some different sail details and then we did the deed and put the earnest money down on a full set of working sails--main, mizzen and genoa. Jim has ben great all …

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Today’s Miracle–Threaded Inserts

Posted on Sun 13 March 2011 in Projects, Tools

I have been looking for  way to attach the teak hatch to the bow bulkhead that allows access to the new chain locker. Previously this area was just an empty storage area and the hatch was held in place poorly and frequently popped out. With the new chain locker and …

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Using Coastal Explorer to it fullest

Posted on Thu 10 March 2011 in Coastal Explorer, Navigation

I like Coastal Explorer because it's UI is easy to use and has a similiar look and feel to Microsoft Office. I believe the Rosepoint Devs are a bunch of former Microsoft folks (me too) so that makes sense. Here are a couple of handy tips to use Coastal Explorer …

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48 North Swap Meet

Posted on Fri 25 February 2011 in Destinations - Puget Sound

The 48 North Swap Meet is coming in April!

\ \ image

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Handline fishing form a Sailing Yacht

Posted on Wed 23 February 2011 in Fishing

Great video from a cruising yacht on their handline setup and procedures.

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Fishing Tackle

Posted on Wed 23 February 2011 in Fishing, Review

+-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | imageThe | | Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing (9780071427883): Scott Bannerot, Wendy | | Bannerot: | | Books\ | | \ | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+

I’ve been reading The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing by Scott Bannerot and it’s very thorough if not too thorough. He does a great job for recommending specific gear for every open ocean and dinghy based kind …

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