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How to pickup a mooring ball in Avalon — 5 Comments

  1. Sounds like you and Dawn both got your exercise for the week. I laughed through the blog.

  2. Are you suggesting that picking up a mooring isn’t as easy as its described in the cruising guides?! I picked up my first cat-island style mooring yesterday. First I anchored outside Cat harbor on the south side, checked out the moorings, saw that the mooring field was maybe 10% occupied. Called the harbor master and asked for a mooring in a big empty area. Then picked it up. Scariest moment? Motoring over to my mooring watching the depth fall to 8 feet momentarily (I have a 6 foot draft!) Yikes. That was unexpected… I’ll use your post to remind myself that Avalon won’t be as easy as this deserted harbor! Enjoying your blog, see you down south!