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Getting your FM3 in Bucerias — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the information. I would suspect that unless you change your domicile, you intend to be in Bucerias for renewal?

    We will be doing our new visa’s from the Mexican Consulate in U.S. before we leave for Mexico, the last I heard, the total amount was $3,000 U.S. ($1,500 ea.). Seems that has changed? I understand they no longer call them FM3’s, but some other “title”?

    Thanks again!

    • You are correct, its $1500 each.
      We will renew in Bucerias or if we’re someplace else for a long time change our domicile and then renew.
      The change in treminology, lengthening of the terms are part of the new visas which are not yet in effect.

  2. hey guys – great post and I’m sure it will be VERY helpful to people that google “FM3.” Question though; since you’re planning to leave Mexico for the summer, why do you need the FM3? Was it just so you could stay an extra couple months in Mexico? How long will the FM3 last you before you have to renew? Or is it kaput when you leave the country? (Hope you’re well!)

    • We could have done as you mention, but at the time we were planning to go into the sea for the summer and we changed our mind later after we had our FM3s.
      I like having the FM3, its an official Mexican ID and we don’t have to have our passports on us for ID.