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New Chain Locker and Windlass Relocation Complete

Posted on Thu 30 December 2010 in Projects, Systems - Ground Tackle


Foredeck Before Main Berth Before



Tonight we marked the chain and loaded it into our new chain locker with the windlass. This project has been over a year in the making since it was November 2009 when we removed the windlass from it’s original location and closed up the holes in the …

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Chain Locker and updates

Posted on Sat 25 September 2010 in Projects, Systems - Ground Tackle


I spent a few hours grinding out the chain locker to remove the old loose gelcoat (maybe it’s paint?) and to get to clean fiberglass where the floor of the locker will be installed. It was a messy job. Most of it done while kneeling in the v-berth and …

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Making a windlass plan of attack – Step one: Pontificate

Posted on Wed 18 August 2010 in Projects, Systems - Ground Tackle

I have and plan on reusing the Lofrans Progress that came with my boat. The motor is the same large one that comes with the Tigres.

You may remember that my windlass was originally mounted so far aft that the hawse pipe went through the v-berth and into the decommissioned …

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