Wishing for digital updates?

Are you wishing for better photos and more amazing updates when we go sailing? Well I added a couple of things to our Amazon Wish List that you might want to check out. I’m not really begging you to buy them for us, more of just a way for me to track toys. But ya know if the spirit moves you…  🙂

The Nikon D700 is their latest prosumer model. The body is more rugged and it’s a big upgrade over my D50 as a still camera and it even shoots HD video. I actually think Dawn is going to end up doing a lot of the photography. She has a really good eye and when we have two cameras then she can start to kick my photographic butt.
The Go Pro Surf Hero is a pretty amazing little video camera used by surfers, snowboarders and all kind of brethren crazy folks. This is what I will use to shoot video and create time lapse movies of our journeys.

I’m considering mounting several of them on the boat, one on the bow or mast facing forward and another facing the cockpit. The idea is to have lots of content to create blogs from and to product time-lapse films from captured stills. I really want people to be able to tell what’s it really like “out there”.

We’re going to need lots of file space to store all these images and videos. It’s hard to believe it but for around $100 you can get a name brand 1TB ruggedized hard drive. The La Cie is used by photographers and adventures galore. I have a couple 500GB ones already (already full). The La Cie 1TB model will hold us over for another year or so until 2TB drive are $50 or solid state drives drop in price.