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Iphone Wordpress App Test is a Success!!

Posted on Tue 05 April 2011 in Geek, Web Stuff

OK, that last test post from my phone is kinda cool. The wordpress iPhone app was VERY buggy for awhile and completely useless. They claimed to have fixed the bugs so I downloaded the update and now  it seems to be working!!

Cool thing about that is I can write …

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Follow Us !

Posted on Wed 16 February 2011 in Geek, Web Stuff

imageAs I've been working on the website I've been able to add some new links to bring all the services we use together. The Follow Us! badge on the home page of  DeepPlaya.com connects you with all our public profiles. For those of you not so familiar with all …

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New Site and New Feed URL for DeepPlaya.com

Posted on Wed 02 February 2011 in Geek, Web Stuff

I migrated the web site to run on Wordpress. In the long run this will be easier to maintain and customize.

Be sure and come by the home page and take a look. You will also want to update your news feed URLs.


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