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Finally...a cool Android app...

Posted on Wed 02 February 2011 in Geek, Navigation

Panbo has a pointer to an android App that shows tidal currents... it looks pretty good.

Finally...a cool Android app....

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Open Source Navigation Software

Posted on Tue 15 December 2009 in Geek, Navigation

Great write up from Bob (a fellow Pearson 424 owner) about open source navigation software.

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Marshall Island Navigation Techniques

Posted on Wed 22 July 2009 in Geek, Navigation

Great talk from Ignite Seattle by Ken Beegle has some great overview of Polynesian navigation techniques. The talk is really has a deeper meaning, but he does a good job in his allotted 5 minutes covering the stick charts.

Ignite talks are timed 5 minute min-lectures, the slides are pre-programmed …

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