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Looking at RADAR Navigation vendors

Posted on Thu 18 June 2009 in Geek, Systems - Electronics

I’m beginning my search for how I want to approach my radar and navigation system. I mention them together because RADAR is proprietary and it only works with THAT vendors chart plotters and computer navigation software. The only exceptions to that would be companied like Si-TexKoden who make RADAR …

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Researching Dinghy and Vessel Registration Requirements

Posted on Tue 09 June 2009 in Vessel Documentation

I keep getting a lot of “fog” from people who claim to know all that all dinghies are required to have state registration. This usually amounts to people saying “oh yeah well so and so just got a ticket the other day in their dinghy!”

I’m going to outline …

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Shilshole Dock Captains Meeting

Posted on Tue 09 June 2009 in Destinations - Shilshole Bay Marina, Washington Liveaboard Association

I went to the Shilshole Bay Marina Dock Captains meeting tonight, this is part of the Washington Liveaboard Association. Amongst the dock captains there were also non-liveaboards in attendance such as myself. In attendance at the meeting (I’m going to butcher some name here) were the Marina Manager (Sharon …

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Plumbing Upgrade and Starter complete

Posted on Sun 07 June 2009 in Pearson 424, Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Engine, Systems - Plumbing, Westerbeke

Raw Water

This weekend I finished installing the starter. Along the way I decided to replace the bonding wire on the starter to the v-drive with tinned wire because the existing wire was corroded. As I was doing this, I also decided to replace the bonding wire from the v-drive to the …

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Opening Day (for us)

Posted on Fri 05 June 2009 in Destinations - Puget Sound, Geocache


We took our first overnight sail of the year to Blake Island with some new friends on Tip Toe and L’Orien last weekend. Our goal was to drop the anchor and sleep aboard. I wanted to see the windlass was working properly, practice our anchoring, etc., etc. The whole …

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My Little Friend the Starter Motor

Posted on Fri 05 June 2009 in Pearson 424, Systems - Engine, Westerbeke

DSC_4476For about two months now we’ve had intermittent luck getting our engine (Westerbeke 58 circa 1981) to start. I at first assumed I had been a batter minder and screwed those up so I did a bunch of tests and they seemed ok. I then started tracing wires and …

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Update on the Dinghy

Posted on Fri 05 June 2009 in Systems - Dinghy

I was looking around the site and noticed I owed an update on the Dinghy. All of our experience with the dinghy at that point had been inside the break water of the marina, where I couldn’t open the throttle wide open. Well it turns out, that when you …

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Engine sound proofing

Posted on Sat 23 May 2009 in Interior, Projects, Systems - Engine


Today I got most of the new sound insulation installed on the engine cover. The old soundproofing was flaking and falling off the boards to which it was attached. The new material is a vinyl foam insulation with a silver Mylar finish from Sound Tec NW. The material is about …

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Instrumentation and Electronics

Posted on Tue 21 April 2009 in Geek, Projects, Systems - Electronics

I have some older electronics on the boat which draw a lot power, have horrible or no displays and I'm geek I have to have the new newness. Here's a brief overview I wrote while I was eating lunch to get some of my thoughts written down so my mind …

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Strictly Sail Pacific

Posted on Thu 16 April 2009 in Boat Shows

Dawn and I are headed down to Oaklands for the Strictly Sail Pacific show this weekend. It partially just to get away and partially to get stuff done. Although as usual when you plan to leave rainy Seattle its going to be beautiful in Seattle during that same window. Oh …

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