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Seattle Maritime Academy Electrical and Diesel Courses – Last chance today 11 January 2010

Posted on Mon 11 January 2010 in Uncategorized

The Electrical and Diesel classes Dawn and I signed up are starting this week according to the folks at the Seattle Maritime Academy which is part of Seattle Central Community College:

The Electrical course begins tonight (11 January 2010) at 6pm, runs M & W from 6-9 and runs for 8 …

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Weekend of Prepping Spars

Posted on Fri 08 January 2010 in Projects, Systems - Electronics, Systems - Plumbing, Systems - Rigging

Al Lou Mini

Dawn and I have started our annual cleanse diet which kind of messes with you with the first couple of days (headaches, low energy, weird tummy stuff) but now we’re back to more normal energy levels. We’ve still managed to be down at the workshop though cleaning up …

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More Wiring

Posted on Thu 07 January 2010 in Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Electronics, Systems - Rigging

I've been updating the drawing so it's more detailed than the original version. I'm getting to the point of needing to determine the number and size of things like terminal blocks, ring terminals, heat shrink tubing, etc.. Along with this I'm also getting ready to dry fit everything to the …

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New Year, Same boat projects

Posted on Sat 02 January 2010 in Projects, Systems - Engine, Systems - Hull, Systems - Plumbing

Ticked a few things off the to do list the past few days.

New Years Eve day, Dawn worked on the masts and booms filling all the holes we don't need anymore with Belzona 1111. Thanks to at for helping us get started. Dawn is really good at these kinds …

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Website Upgraded

Posted on Mon 28 December 2009 in Geek

I finally upgraded the site to DotNetBlogEngine 1.5 so I'm guessing all you newsreader users just got all the posts again. Sorry about that. Jason from sv Hello World had said was reposting the entire feed every once in a while. Let me know if it still does that …

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Making progress a little bit each day

Posted on Sun 20 December 2009 in Uncategorized

Every project has those days that seem to go on forever where you make baby step type progress but nothing gets to 100% complete. Here’s a bunch of things Dawn and I ticked off the list this weekend:

  1. Removed mizzen chain plates for cleaning and inspection. We now have …

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Mast Wiring

Posted on Thu 17 December 2009 in Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Electronics


I was going a little crazy trying to remember all of the things we’re wiring into the mast and what kind of wire they needed so I drew it up.

Included in this simple not to scale drawing (my spreaders are not mid-mast) are the wires for the NMEA …

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Open Source Navigation Software

Posted on Tue 15 December 2009 in Geek, Navigation

Great write up from Bob (a fellow Pearson 424 owner) about open source navigation software.

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Mounting Idea

Posted on Fri 11 December 2009 in Navigation, Projects, Systems - Electronics

Maretron WSO100
MountI emailed Maretron support when I was thinking about how to mount the WSO100 on my masthead and they sent me some pictures of a customers installation. I assume that’s a 1” piece of stainless steel pipe. Looks pretty good, maybe a tad on the heavy side.

It looks …

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Lots of stuff on the masthead

Posted on Thu 10 December 2009 in Navigation, Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Electronics

I plan to put a Maretron NMEA 2000 weather station on my masthead and replace my incandescent bulb nav lights with this ORCA Green Machine LED navanchor light. Everything seems great but now I’m thinking how am I going to get these two on the masthead and not have …

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