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Checking things off the list

Posted on Fri 09 July 2010 in Projects, Systems - Dinghy, Systems - Electrical

More checks from the 4thof July 3 day weekend:

  • Dr LED Kevin spreader lights wired and functional. They need to be aimed to point at the proper deck area still.
  • Cleaned up a lot of stuff. There has been a lot of extra tools and supplies on the boat. Some …

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Thinking about data

Posted on Tue 06 July 2010 in Geek, Navigation, Systems - Electronics

I’ve been thinking about the blog, sailing reports, weather reports and all kinds of information I’d like to collect and share. Principally, I’ve been thinking about the data that will soon be running around my NMEA 2000 network. Some of the data will include course, speed, depth …

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Day two .. Bring on the to do !

Posted on Sun 04 July 2010 in Projects

When it comes to list it’s important to remember that length doesn’t matter as much as the magnitude of the accomplishment. Here are today’s magnum sized check marks:

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Rocking the list…

Posted on Sat 03 July 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s Day one of a three-day-to-do-athon-weekend. Because of my day job, I couldn’t have the rigger come down last week so we are home on the dock for the 4th this year. That gives us time to rock the to do list.

Saturday’s Accomplishments:

  • Finished the ash …

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Dremel Tools are Good !

Posted on Tue 29 June 2010 in Projects, Tools


Both sides of this used to look like the right side. A little stainless steel wire brush action with the Dremel and we're approaching nautical beauty. Do you own a boat? Go buy a Dremel tool !

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Big Weekend

Posted on Mon 21 June 2010 in Projects, Systems - Hull, Systems - Rigging

I love to update the blog with checkboxes as we go. Feels good to celebrate the wins and document our progress. As you know we’re working toward stepping our masts on Thursday 24 June.

I got all the pins from Andersen Machine Shop in Port Townsend and they were …

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The date is set for re-stepping the masts ! ! !

Posted on Thu 17 June 2010 in Projects

I called the yard and set the date for re-stepping the masts ! By this time next week we should have the rig back up !

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Custom Clevis Pins Ordered

Posted on Tue 08 June 2010 in Systems - Rigging

I only need this pins and then we can re-step the masts!!


+----------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ | A | .625” (5/8”) | .269” (7/16”) | +----------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ | B | .719” (23/32”) | .563” (9/16”) | +----------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ | C | .125” (1/8”) | .125” (1/8”) | +----------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ | D | .875” (7/8”) | .625” (5/8”) | +----------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ | E | 1.125” (1-1/8”) | .75” (3/4”) | +----------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ | F | .125 …

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A Little History Lesson about Shilshole & Ballard

Posted on Fri 04 June 2010 in Destinations - Puget Sound

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Happy Birthday Admiral Dawn

Posted on Fri 28 May 2010 in Landlubber life

Dawn DSC_5478 Munkynap

Happy 29th Birthday (again?) !

Love,\ Cpt. Peaboy

P.s. Dawn is “The Admiral” as the lady of the boat is so frequently called in the world of sailing, but she’s not a web guru so I can post whatever pics I want of here and there’s little she …

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