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Adding Mapping to the site

Posted on Wed 09 February 2011 in articles

Ever since I first setup the site for the boat I knew I wanted to tag everything with locations so we could see all the posts as we journey around. A blog for a sailboat pretty much begs for that. One of the main reasons to switch to Wordpress was to have more options for this. I've been trying a few different plugins for geotagging and finally found one called Geo Mashup that seem perfect.

I tagged a location for this post which you can see below, and I added a ~~Map page where you can see all the geotagged posts.~~ Both of these should give you some ideas of the kinds of coolness we'll have on the blog moving forward!

Note: This used to be a wordpress site. That map is now gone as we switched to static files to prevent the site getting hacked.